green city blocks

Green City Islamabad Location and Offerings Details releases its news a while back and it's now a super hit real estate project, check out its payment plan now.
Bhurban Enclave Murree

Bhurban Enclave Murree Location and Details

Bhurban Enclave is a newly launched state of the art residential venture in the beautiful landscape of Bhurban Valley Murree. The project is being triggered by SMAKS...
Chapal Skymark Karachi

Chapal Skymark Karachi Pakistan’s Tallest Residential Tower

Chapal Skymark is a one of its kind majestic high rise residential project by the renowned Chapal Group. The developer encompasses a long thriving history of developing...
Times Skyline Karachi

Times Skyline Karachi Location and Details

Times Skyline is a beautifully architected dedicated residential high rise tower project triggered by Thara Group. The project consists of various sizes studio apartments spread on several...
UAE Buildings

Government worries for Capital Flight to Gulf States

Pakistani authorities are planning to approach the authorities of Gulf States to check the flow of capital. The Tax authorities and officials of Pakistan are planning to...